Python Seminar in Business Applications

Project Preview

What Is It?

The Python Seminar looked at using Python to solve business applications. It was the first seminar of its kind conducted at San Francisco State University to demonstrate the incredible utility of Python. We looked at libraries such Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib all on a Jupyter Notebook to show how easy it is to work in Python and solve various case studies.

How Does It Work?

I leveraged the mybinder tool that transforms any github repo to an online in browser environment for anyone to interact with the Jupyter Notebook template I had created for the seminar. With this in place, it allowed even the most early user to work in Python without the setup or stress.

Biggest Challenges

The biggest challenge working on this project was being able to relay my knowledge in Python to the early user who may have never even heard of the language. Things that were obvious such as library imports and arrays may not come across as simple to someone who’s never programmed before. It was important to practice in front of different people with varying experience in Python to figure out what topics needed more emphasis and clarity. Overall, it was a great opportunity to host this seminar and also be in a position to reaffirm my handle on Python.

Next Steps

This was only the first seminar of many more to come. I hope to update this page with the next seminars that my colleagues and I will be hosting!

Click here to check out the offline notebook!