The Culmination of My Engineering Degree


Ever since I started my degree in Computer Engineering, I always envisioned working on cutting edge technology for my capstone project. I always had this goal that my capstone project would be a mixture of sci-fi but still rooted in reality.

I stumbled upon this one video from one of those late night youtube recommendations showcasing an individual who regained a significant amount of motor control through an artificial limb. That’s when the idea struck me and the quest started on what it would take to recreate this as a proof of concept for my microcontroller engineering class.

After a week long code sprint, I was able to create a neural machine interface (which you can see here). With the success of this project , I decided that exploring this technology further would be THE capstone project that I dreamed of since I was a college freshman.

With a couple twists and turns down my path, I was fortunate enough to get a position at the school’s Intelligent Computing and Embedded Systems Lab as an Undergraduate Research Assistant advised by Dr. Xiaorong Zhang. I’m currently working on the “Development of Sensor Fault-Tolerant Module for High-Density EMG Pattern Recognition” with my colleague, Don Reynolds.

I plan on updating this page as I reach significant milestones throughout my capstone project and my research.

Thanks for checking in!